QA has been creeping up the regulatory agenda for some time now and is capturing the attention of Senior Executives across the financial services industry, most notably in banking and insurance. The need to demonstrate that you are carrying out targeted and effective Quality and Sales checking across the business is paramount and it is now widely accepted that random and alphabetical approaches that don’t take into account specific rules and vulnerable and higher risk customers/cases are not fit for purpose. Manual processes are labour intensive and legacy systems were simply not designed to cope with such complexity of rules and associated workflow.
Implementing Worksmart’s Financial Services quality checking system will remove human error risks from your business that are inherent with paper-based or non-specific file checking solutions. It enables your entire organisation to communicate electronically, significantly reducing paper consumption and reliance upon paper transfer as it can import and export data to /from your point of sale and back office systems securely and automatically. Better connecting sales and central checking teams in this way will deliver a noticeable increase in the speed and management of the entire workflow process making your file checking the software will automatically highlight cases / individuals for your file checking team to investigate if they consistently fail to pass benchmark quality standards. The aim is to provide consistent quality of advice and product quality for all staff delivering to TCF. This helps to increase customer satisfaction and retention mandates.

Our software is intelligent; it will provide you with complete transparency of workload across centralised teams, real-time MI and extensive reporting and trending analysis of the most common reasons for sales quality failure. This Worksmart system reduces errors, minimises risk and drives clarity throughout the process.

  • Trending and KPI monitoring for root cause analysis
  • Reduces regulatory risk through tightened systems and controls
  • Improves the quality of business submissions
  • Eradicates paper driven processes and decreases the risk of lost information and files
  • Themed checks enable a more detailed review of particular product sales, sales people or regions
  • Quality assurance processes for checking the checkers
  • Ability to drive remedial action
  • Opens the communication channels between teams, speeding up the entire process

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