'It's neat and very clever' - UK Regulator


The Senior Managers and Certification Regime (SM&CR) ensures that Senior Managers are individually accountable for their business decisions, their conduct and the competence of those that they manage. Consumers will be secure in the integrity this brings as SM&CR means that every regulated entity must have a well-documented trail of responsibility, communication and control.

What that means for financial service firms is that they must have clear systems and controls  in place to meet the relevant PRA / FCA regulations.  That’s where Worksmart come in…… with our respected SM&CR product Accord.

Clear central record keeping, strong corporate governance, clear accountability and evidence of employee Fitness & Propriety. This is what Accord will give your organisation.  Working seamlessly with any existing systems you may have and fully able to reflect your organisational culture and routines.  In terms of accountability, you can ascertain, who, when, what and how, with everything mapped and time stamped for the regulator.

From governance pathways, to responsibility statements, recording breaches and managing multiple entities your business will be able to demonstrate the enhanced processes and your commitment to putting customers at the heart of your business.  

With a multitude of leading financial services companies using Worksmart’s SM&CR technology, you can be confident of meeting the demands of the incoming regulation whilst gaining real business advantage.

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