IAC-Singapore – From The Award-Winning Team At Worksmart

Julie Pardy

Julie Pardy

With more than 30 years service in the Financial Services industry Julie has spent many years at the coal face undertaking a wide variety of roles in banking from Compliance to Sales, Operations to Training.

As stronger governance arrangements within organisations and the accountability of senior leaders becomes critical components of regulatory regimes across the world, it is with great excitement that I have put this corporate update together.

As the individual responsible for reviewing and advising the business around the regulatory landscape both in the UK and where relevant around the globe, it has certainly been a whirlwind of regulatory change here in the UK over the last 5 years. This latest wave of regulatory change has impacted the Worksmart team and its client base in so many ways that one might think that after 5 years of wholesale changes to the Approved Persons Regime in the UK, it was time to give the team a bit of a rest!

Obviously, that was not under consideration when the Monetary Authority of Singapore announced its implementation of strengthened guidance around accountability and conduct. But what another great opportunity for myself and the Worksmart team, which we have chosen to grab with both hands.

And on that note, it’s my pleasure to be able to announce the expansion of the Worksmart product range to include a solution to manage the Individual and Accountability Regime due to be implemented in Singapore during the latter half of 2021.

When one of the UK regulators told us that our SM&CR solution was “Neat and Very Clever”, we knew as a RegTech provider that our product had hit the mark!

Andy Nightingale – MD – Worksmart commented “Since the introduction of SM&CR to solo regulated firms back in 2018, our products and services have never been more in demand. I am delighted that we are able to announce that our IAC-Singapore solution is being released to help Financial Institutions in that jurisdiction manage the requirements of the new accountability regime.”

Andy Bower – CTO – Worksmart commented “We have won the ACQ5 Awards for 4 years in a row for our SM&CR solution – I think that speaks for itself as this is an award that is voted for by the industry!”

acq5 global awards winner 2021 

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