Complaint Management (Higher Education)

Caresmart is an intuitive system that makes it easy for universities to capture, manage, track and report on complaints across the entire university network, ensuring the students and other stakeholders experience a consistent and concise approach to resolving their problem, regardless of how they contact the university.


How caresmart can transform your complaints process - a guide


Contains all the functionality required to remain compliant whilst supporting the highest levels of service at the point of use

User Experience

Caresmart provides different, intuitive interfaces for every type of user - Students, staff and parents. Institution’s complaint handlers, Senior execs viewing dashboards to monitor performance and ‘customer’ experience


To speed up the data entry and processing, Caresmart has integration points for key systems such as CRM (contact databases), document management and bulk printing systems.

How can Caresmart help you manage your complaints and feedback processes?

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For many higher education establishments, complaints and the management of complaints, is becoming a key issue. Complaints across England and Wales have risen by over 60% since 2017 are now standing at record levels. The Office of the Independent Adjudicator (OIA) also upheld a record 27% of complaints referred to them, requesting universities pay over £1.3m in compensation, both record numbers. 

With students becoming increasingly vocal and visible, your team’s response to a complaint determines your reputation and regulatory risk. When students feel they are not being heard or dealt with sensitively, they turn to social media and, given online speed and reach, your reputation can be damaged in a single click.

Caresmart is a portal-based complaint management solution that enables students and parents to lodge a complaint. Every member of staff and faculty, from the regular to the occasional user, can easily manage their part of the process. Additionally, your entire management team can view the current status of any complaint being handled at case level. You can observe trends, review actions and track every complaint to provide strong transparent solutions and, at the same time, uphold compliance needs.

Award-winning Solutions

The Caresmart solution is specifically designed to meet the complaint management needs of organisations, small and large alike. Originally designed for financial services, which has some of the strictest complaints regulation in the UK, Caresmart has a 15-year track record of helping organisations manage their complaints. Caresmart supports both the OIA and SPSO requirements for managing and reporting on complaints.

Alongside the other solutions in the Worksmart stable, Caresmart has been instrumental in Worksmart being included in the RegTech100 listings for a number of years. The RegTech100 is the definitive list of organisations providing innovative and practical RegTech solutions globally. Worksmart has also been the winner of the ACQ5 and Gamechangers awards for Complaints Management Solution Provider of The Year for the past 4 years!

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