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Caresmart is an award-winning RegTech case and complaint management solution that underpins an organisation’s customer experience team. It supports those accountable for effective complaints management all the way through to the customer facing agents and case managers that undertake the day to day complaints processing and management.

With our intuitive and highly visual dashboards, aggregating data from workflows that are configured to your requirements, Caresmart will enable your complaints team to more effectively manage complaint caseloads, speed up resolutions and enhance customer experience.

ACQ5 Global Awards Winner: 2019, 2020 & 2021

The ACQ Global Awards recognise the achievements of those who are responding most successfully to the demands being placed on them by the current business environment.

Trusted by the UK’s best known brands

Caresmart continues to support the UK’s best loved brands in processing and managing thousands of customer complaints annually.

Proud to be ISO 27001 Certified

Information security is King! We know it, you know it, and that's why we are proud to say our coherent and comprehensive suite of information security controls have passed the ISO TEST.


Transforming complaints into business advantage
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A strong complaints process is critical for your corporate reputation and is evidence of how well you treat your customers and manage their concerns.

Spreadsheet based or home-grown systems that were once adequate are no longer enough to keep pace with today’s regulatory demands. The market today demands increased scrutiny of both the complaints process and of a firm’s reporting output. It is crucial that firms operate a robust and effective customer experience management system.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) have been very clear about the regulatory expectations of firms in respect of complaints management. Here at Worksmart we have invested heavily to deliver a RegTech complaints solution that not only meets regulatory standards, but also produces the required regulatory reporting MI.

Beyond meeting regulatory needs, Worksmart’s intuitive complaint management system software, Caresmart, gives you real business advantage. This product makes it easy to capture, manage, track, communicate and report on complaints across your entire business network, ensuring your responses to customers are quick, fair and consistent regardless of how they contact your company. This is important when managing complaints because so many people across a business can ‘touch’ a complaint from initial registration to final resolution.

With consumers increasingly vocal and visible, your team’s response to a complaint determines your reputation and regulatory risk. When customers feel they are not being heard or dealt with sensitively, they turn to social media and, given online speed and reach, business reputations can be damaged in a single click.

Using Caresmart as a complaint management solution enables every member of staff, from the regular to the occasional user, to easily manage their part of the process. Additionally, your entire management team can view the current status of any complaint being handled at case level. As a business you can observe trends, review actions and track every complaint to provide strong transparent customer solutions and, at the same time, uphold compliance needs.

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Award Winning Solution

With Caresmart your company’s reputation is safe with your customers, the regulator and the wider market. Now that is the route to clear business advantage.

ACQ5 2021 - Complaints
ACQ5 Global Awards 2020
ACQ5 Global Awards 2019

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