Individual Accountability Framework (Ireland)

Accord Ireland is our dedicated SaaS solution for managing Individual Accountability framework (IAF) and Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR). A purpose designed product for the management of fitness & probity all other processes and required evidential records. The solution maximises process efficiencies, minimises the risk of human error and provides oversight together with a secure and complete audit history of activities undertaken.

Conduct Standards

Three sets of conduct standards are to be rolled out in the new Individual Accountability Framework. Focussing on promoting good behaviour, individual accountability, supplementing a new set of standards that will specifically apply to RFSP’s

F & P Enhancements

Introducing a change in how the Fitness & Probity assessment works by putting the onus on the firm to individually assess Pre-Approval Controlled Functions (PCF’s) and Controlled Functions- (CF’s)

Individual Accountability

The Heads of Bill paves the way to allow the CBI to have extended scope for investigation and enforcement against individuals performing CF and PCF roles

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How can Worksmart help get your firm ready for the requirements of the IAF?

Infographic of the IAF timeline so far

Accord Ireland is a purpose designed Regulatory Technology solution for managing all processes, records and evidence associated with the Governance and Fitness & Probity requirements of the Individual Accountability framework (IAF) and Senior Executive Accountability Regime (SEAR).

Seamless integration with third party systems and automated workflows collects and consolidates all related data into a single tech platform, alleviating the risk and resource challenges associated with manual data manipulation and providing comprehensive, robust and compliant audit trails via an intuitive user interface.

Being quick to deploy means delivering immediate operational efficiencies and risk mitigation in your processes and controls and gives the confidence that both your organisation and your key stake holders are suitably supported in meeting their regulatory obligations.

Clear central record keeping, promoting strong corporate governance and clear accountability, plus evidencing Fitness and Probity, that is what Accord – Ireland will bring your organisation. And for firms that want to integrate SEAR with a wider set of established people management processes, Accord – Ireland has the in-built functionality that can extend beyond conduct standards and Fitness and Probity into a single view of employee conduct and competence.

As well as regulatory compliance, applying the right technology has the additional benefit of making business processes more efficient, which in turn will drive team productivity.

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