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Delivering consistently high standards of customer advice and support backed up by strong and effective business processes is key to complying with Consumer Duty. Checksmart, our quality assurance solution, enables organisations to review customer interactions using configurable, risk-based rules. Once reviewed, if improvements are identified, Checksmart manages the follow up actions to ensure these improvements are realised so providing the reassurance senior managers and the regulator demand.

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The way you approach the quality of your processes says a lot about the culture of your organisation. Investing to ensure your processes consistently deliver to the highest standards not only minimises regulatory risk, it makes sound business sense.

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Ensuring your customer interactions meet the highest standards are key to both business success and meeting the expectations of the Consumer Duty regulation. From sales advice through to post sale customer support, getting these multiple touchpoints right is imperative.

‘Listening in’ to a sample of customer interactions underpins part of most firms’ approach to ensuring these standards are achieved. However, traditional methods of identifying which interactions to check, e.g., random choice, date based or alphabetical selection methods, risk not providing an appropriate range of feedback therefore potentially jeopardising the reassurance needed within organisations. Checksmart enables organisations to identify key customer interactions using a configurable, risk-based, rules selector.

Once each identified interaction is reviewed, if follow up action is needed to ensure these high standards are met, Checksmart then manages the entire remediation process. Also, because the whole selection, checking, feedback and follow up process is managed within Checksmart, it provides the oversight and MI that reassures supervisors, senior managers, compliance teams and, if required, the regulator alike.

Most importantly, unlike other ways the regulator suggests firms monitor how they are delivering ‘good customer outcomes’, e.g., customer surveys, Checksmart enables organisations to manage the quality of the customer interaction close to ‘real time’, not several months later. Consequently, firms can constantly monitor and improve their customer interactions with timely learning from their quality assurance processes, thus enabling firms to deliver both the spirit and letter of the new standards demanded by Consumer Duty.

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When implementing Checksmart, take advantage of Worksmart’s deep knowledge of the financial services market and regulation to provide the best configuration possible.

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