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Our Training & Competency management system, Tracsmart, has been built with your competence and people risk responsibilities in mind. With over 20 years experience of Training & Competence, we are able to deploy Tracsmart in a way that best suits your organisation. With increasing regulatory interest in competence and capability of all staff, now is the perfect time to harness the oversight, transparency and rich management information (MI) that only RegTech can provide.

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Enabling business success through effective competence management
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Tracsmart was the UK’s first automated solution for managing the FCA’s Training and Competence (T&C) rules. Whilst remaining the UK’s market leader for T&C management, 20 years of continous development has enabled Tracsmart to become much more than a solution for managing T&C. Tracsmart is now a fully featured tool for managing competence in the widest sense.

Combining configurable templates for recording activity such as regular performance reviews, ‘on the job’ observations and appraisals, with the workflow and authorisation functionality to ensure things get done ‘to time and to standard’, Tracsmart can be relied on by central teams and senior managers alike to ensure competence is being both managed and evidenced. And for firms that take a risk based approach to managing competence, Tracsmart’s underlying rules based functionality can flex users’ activity based on performance and display this in a rich KPI dashboard.

And where firms have established systems in place for managing complementary processes such as testing and learning management (LMS), Tracsmart’s interface functionality is able to import and integrate this data into a single view of employee performance.

In short, whilst Tracsmart is the only system firms will need for managing a single set of needs such as T&C, it is so much more. From T&C to performance management and, continuing professional development (CPD), Tracsmart is the platform firms trust for managing employee competence in ‘the round’. 

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When implementing Tracsmart, take advantage of Worksmart’s deep knowledge of the financial services market and regulation to provide the best configuration possible.

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