Marex Spectron Chooses Accord For SMCR

Julian Sammells

Julian Sammells

Julian has been in sales for over 30 years. His experience has confirmed that success in sales is linked to a happy customer base. He and his team understand that the implementation process is key to attaining this outcome and work closely with the on-boarding consultants to ensure a seamless transition from contract to 'live'.
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We are excited to welcome Marex Spectron as new customers of our award winning solution, Accord, for managing their adherence to the SM&CR regulation.

Marex Spectron is a UK based broker, with global reach. They are a world leading commodity broker, providing clients with access to all commodity markets, with particular expertise in the metals, energy and agricultural markets.

Worksmart was selected because of our experience of SM&CR, Accord’s industry leading functionality and our ISO Accreditation – which provides reassurance about our security procedures.  

We welcome Marex Spectron to our ever-growing family of SM&CR customers.


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